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What Is PEBA Material?

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As we all know, many products are using PEBA material. So what is PEBA material? Let's find out together today.

Polyether block amide or PEBA is a thermoplastic elastomer. PEBA is also known as PA12 Ester (nylon 12 elastomer). PEBA materials are block copolymers prepared from polyether and polyamide blocks.

PEBA material

Performance of PEBA

Due to its unique chemical structure, PEBA material has the properties of thermoplastic elastomers, including:

(1) The lightest engineering thermoplastic elastomer;

(2) Good and stable performance at low temperature;

(3) Lossless of mechanical properties under repeated deformation, and fatigue resistance;

(4) Good rebound and elastic recovery;

(5) Precise dimensional stability;

(6) Excellent processing performance.

To achieve the properties, the raw materials used to obtain PEBA materials come from mineral resources, such as polyamide blocks and polyoxytetramethylene glycol (PTMG), lauryl lactam or caprolactam, polyether blocks Ethylene Glycol (PEG). Considering challenging environmental issues (climate change, resource depletion, etc.), Today our major component of this PEBA material is carbon, mainly from renewable sources, which can contribute significantly to minimizing our ecological footprint.

Application of PEBA

Due to the rich properties of PEBA products, its application range is also very wide, such as medical equipment, sporting goods, automotive and mechanical tools, electronic and electrical products and so on. In the automotive industry, it can be used for some fine parts, greatly improving flex and fatigue resistance, reducing breakage, sun visor clips, such as door lock composite injection molding, blocking cleaning pipes for windshields, car radio antennas, and antenna bases.

It can also be used in sports equipment: advanced mountaineering sneakers, watch shells, sneaker spikes, tennis racket handles, etc. PEBA has long been known for its excellent properties. This material is considered to be the lightest thermoplastic elastomer, with excellent fatigue strength at various temperatures, excellent notched impact resistance, and has The best rebound and elastic recovery.


Looking for a PEBA supplier?

PEBA high-tech polymer was developed by Arkema researchers 25 years ago. Since then, it has continuously improved and has become the best choice for many international plastics equipment manufacturers. 

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