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Customized Color Matched And Semi-Finished Products

In addition to provide excellent quality resin granules, we also provide customized services, SF-products and modified productions.

SF products refer to the production of different specifications of boards or bars shapes through extrusion processes without changing the properties of its raw material. The SF products supplied by our company include boards and bars of PEEK, PEI, PPSU, PSU and we offer customize services for the relative modified performance, such as: carbon fiber reinforced, glass fiber reinforced or colored, etc.

Customized Color Matched And Semi-Finished Products Cases Study

All of our raw materials, PPSU, PES, PSU, PEEK, PEI and PA12 can be customized into colored granules, different size rods or boards of different colors by adding various fillers.



Green Granules

Blue Granules

Yellow Granules

Carbon Fiber Reinforced

Glass Fiber Reinforced

Purple Transparent Granules

Customized PEEK Rods and Boards

Customized PEEK Rods

Customized PEI Rods and boards

Customized PEI Rods

Customized PPSU Rods 

Customized PSU Rods 

If you are looking for a supplier that can be customized for you,
please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Custom Advantages


Provide Customers With Professional Advice

Our company has a exceptional R&D team to provide you with professional advice.


Adequate Inventory

We have several huge warehouses to storing sufficient raw materials for production and plenty regular size semi-finished products for fast delivery.


Show Individual Performance With Fillers

For the superior toughness, impact resistance, flame retardance and static-free, we provide glass fiber, carbon fiber, fireproofing agent and etc.


Professional Equipment Meets Your Demand

The advanced production equipment to ensure the quality of customers' special requirements.

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