As we all know, the medical industry has extremely high requirements for plastics. The polysulfone series resins sold by our company are biologically inert, especially PPSU, which can withstand 1000 cycles of high pressure steam sterilization at 134 ℃, which makes medical products well meet the medical high temperature sterilization requirements. In addition, not only because of their good chemical resistance and excellent toughness, but also because of their light weight, transparency, colorability, and no paint pollution, polysulfone resins have been proven to be the best substitutes for metals and glass, among which typical medical applications are sterilization boxes and sterilization trays made of PPSU, as well as IVC animal experimental cages. In addition to polysulfone, PEEK and PEI are also widely used in the medical industry, such as dental, surgical and other medical devices.

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