As a professional ppsu manufacturer, Tuntun Plastic offers high performance ppsu material at competitive prices.

  • 1. Natural with high HDT/A (ISO 75) of 196℃
  • 2. High RTI of 180℃
  • 3. Withstands over 1000 cycles of steam sterilization @134℃ without any significant loss of properties
  • 4. Exceptional long-term hydrolytic stability
  • 5. Superior toughness and impact resistance strength with 690J/m
  • 6. Inherently flame retardant,transparent and colorable

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Overview :

PPSU (polyphenylene sulfone resin) is an amorphous polymer with superior rigidity and toughness, offering better impact resistance and chemical resistance than polyetherimide (PEI). PPSU is one kinds of amber transparent material, easy to color and processing, and its Heat Deflection Temperature can reach 196 ℃. Withstands over 1000 cycles of steam sterilization@134℃ without any significant loss of properties. Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) has no melting point, reflecting its amorphous nature, and offers tensile strength up to 70 MPa (10152 psi).

According to the different application environment, the molding method can be injection, extrusion and blowing. As the highest performance material of sulfone polymers, PPSU has been approved by IS010993, NSF, ACS, WARS, UL94, Reach and RoSH. So PPSU has been widely used in medical sterilization boxes, handles of dental instruments, aircraft interiors and food trays, PEX water pipe joints, ventilator humidification tanks, baby bottles and other fields. Shop for PPSU Rods & Sheet >>

Download PPSU Data Sheet

PPSU Material Properties and Data Sheet

Typical Value Testing Method Unit F1150 F1250 F1350 M1150
MFR @ 365℃/5kg ISO 1133 g/10min 10-18 18-28 28-38 15-20
PPSU Density ISO 1183 g/cmᶟ 1.29 1.29 1.29 1.28
Moisture Absorption,         Equilibrium 23℃/50% r.h ISO 62 % 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.3
Mold shrinkage-Flow ISO 2577,    294-4 % 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9
HDT/A @1.8MPa ISO 75-1/-2 196 196 196 185
Tensile Strength ISO 527-1/-2 MPa 70 70 70 75
Tensile Modulus ISO 527-1/-2 MPa 2270 2270 2270 2690
Tensile Elongation(Yield) ISO 527-1/-2 % 7.8 7.8 7.8 7.0 
Flexural Strength ISO 178 MPa 105 105 105 105
Flexural Modulus ISO 178 MPa 2400 2400 2400 2760
Notched Izod Impact ISO 180/A KJ/㎡ 68 68 68 10.0 

Note: As can be seen from the data sheet above, Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is an amorphous, heat-resistant and transparent high-performance thermoplastic. The polymer is known for its high toughness, high flexural and tensile strength, excellent hydrolytic stability and good resistance to chemicals and heat. Compared to PSU and PES, it delivers the highest performance of our sulfone polymers, offering superior mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

Typical Application

PPSU is often an excellent choice for components that are exposed to high temperatures and corrosive media due to its exceptional chemical resistance. PPSU is widely used for aircraft interior parts, instrument handles, medical instrument components and so on.

Dental and Surgical Instruments: PPSU is a good substitute for metal in the applications of medical devices and accessories, because it is light and strong.

Food Service: PPSU is biologically inert and BPA-free, which can withstand prolonged and repeated exposure to hot water, steam, oil or grease, making it to be an excellent candidate for food service applications.

Aircraft Interiors: PPSU series products are used in aircraft cabin interiors, which requiring low heat release, low smoke generation and low toxic gas emissions. They offer exceptional toughness and impact strength, superior resistance to cleaning agents and chemical disinfectants, and molded-in color to eliminate painting.

Dental and Surgical Instruments

Food Service Trays and Baby Bottles

Aircraft Interiors


What is PPSU Plastic?

PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) is a type of thermoplastic polymer known for its high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and strength. PPSU plastic is often used in applications where stability under harsh conditions is important, such as medical devices and automotive components.


What are the characteristics of PPSU plastic?

PPSU plastic properties include:High temperature resistance, Chemical resistance, Dimensional stability, Radiation resistance, High impact resistance, Good electrical insulation and Low moisture absorption.


Whether to provide the sample and the delivery time of the sample ?

We can provide a sample of 3kg in stock within 5 working days.


Can you provide customized services?

Yes, all our raw materials can be customized, such as adding glass fiber, carbon fiber and other fillers, or making PPSU boards, PPSU sheet and PPSU rods of different sizes. Click for details to learn more>>


Can you provide the quality certificate of the products?

Of course. All of our products are proven to be perfectly compliant with FDA, REACH and RoHS safety regulatory, and so on. If you need, you can contact us to check the relevant documents.


Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are integral part of industry and trade. Both the agency of some products, but also a factory for product development and production.


About bulk order leading time?

It will take about 15~30 working days from order confirmation to production completion. Specific communication can be coordinated to the time acceptable to both side.




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