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An Overview of PEEK Plastic

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What is PEEK plastics?

The name ‘PEEK’ is an acronym for a plastic material originally called ‘polyetheretherketone’ which has nowadays served as a replacement for other types of metals in many industries. Its compatibility and suitability for industries such as the chemical, medical, electronic and automatic industries, make it to be one of the few plastics that can successfully work when it comes to applications with ultra-high volumes.

This engineering thermoplastic has great mechanical strength and has been rated high-performing in its semi-crystalline attributes. Its semi-crystalline nature allows for good performance under intense heat, low moisture retention and good resistance to harsh chemicals.


Why do people choose PEEK plastics?

A lot of people choose PEEK plastics because it contains some excellent qualities such as durability, strength and its rigidity with superior resistance when it comes to chemicals. In cases it serves as an excellent choice where combustion, chemical and thermal properties are important.

The ability of PEEK plastics efficiently meet the needs and demands of various industries makes it a choice for people. The incredible properties of PEEK plastics give them a massive advantage over metals. It is predicted that the demand for PEEK plastics over metals will skyrocket in the future. So let's give you a few reasons why PEEK plastics is preferred over metals. 

The advantages of PEEK plastics over metals

1. Nontoxicity: PEEK has been proven to contain fewer toxins than metals. Its biocompatible nature makes it very safe to work around, such as dentistry, and implants. Compared to metals which contain toxins that cause allergic reactions. There are no complaints about safety for the body with PEEK Plastics.

2. Strength and Durability: Peek has strong and durable features that make it very easy to work with. It's comfortable to touch and this makes handling easy which in turn enhances the product performance. 

Its light weight does not interfere with its strength and it can handle compressive manipulation or force without losing its integrity. Its ability to absorb water at a minimal rate also ensures that its strong quality stays true for a longer period.

3. Flexibility: It has high strength, PEEK is extra flexible and contains the ability to retain its shape even after being subjected to stressful conditions. Even after years of harsh conditions, PEEK remains strong and durable without being stiff.

4. Compatibility: PEEK plastics can be made to suit any material in terms of texture, shape, size and even color while retaining its originality. Now, manufacturers can use PEEK with other material blends to achieve the products they need. 

PEEK plastics

Industries-using PEEK plastics

You can easily obtain high-quality PEEK plastics from us which can be used in your industry. Here are some industries with examples of what their PEEK plastics are used for:

1. The Medical Industry: In the Medical Industry, PEEK is used to manufacture medical equipment, it's also used to make implants, dental screws, surgical equipment and reinforcing rods.

2. The Automobile Industry: In the automobile industry, PEEK is used to manufacture automobiles and their parts basically because of its durability and it's being light compared to metals. 

3. The Aerospace Industry: PEEK is seventy percent (70%) lighter than metal and this makes the Aerospace Industry prefer it as it's more cost-effective and chemically resistant to chemicals such as Jet fuel. It's used to manufacture airplanes, jets, and their parts. 

Interested in buying PEEK plastics for your industry?

Now that you know the advantages of PEEK plastics and how it's used in various industries, you're probably thinking of how to obtain it. Fortunately, we have the very best quality here waiting for you. 

There's the best choice for you, you can get your PEEK plastic materials right here.


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