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When it comes to manufacturing ball valves, bearings, and other electrical equipment components, we frequently mix up PTFE and PEEK. Despite the fact that they both belong to the same polymer family, they have distinct benefits and shortcomings. Today we will have a comparison with them.

We compare PEEK and PTFE in 4 ways.

High tensile strength

When it comes to polymers, there are few things which have harder strength than PEEK. In fact, it's so strong that the same machining guidelines apply to PEEK and metal.

This strength allows PEEK to be used in applications such as gaskets and automotive parts, especially where the metal cannot be used but metal-like durability is required.

High-temperature resistance

PEEK melts at around 400 degrees Celsius and can work in an environment of 300-325 degrees without deformation. While PTFE can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees, any pressure on PTFE at this temperature will inevitably lead to deformation. In the case of PEEK, its hardness allows it to be used in high-stress, high-temperature environments without losing its formability.


High wear resistance

Likewise, while both PTFE and PEEK can withstand significant wear, PEEK has a high PV that can withstand wear even under harsh physical and chemical conditions.

Chemical resistance

While PEEK is not an exact match to PTFE in terms of pure chemical inertness, it is resistant to many harsh chemicals, allowing it to be used in corrosive environments.

In conclusion

In short, PEEK's ability to hold its shape under harsh conditions makes it a very popular polymer. OEMs who use PEEK will know that PEEK is unique because of the properties it offers, making it expensive.

If PEEK were cheaper, for example at the price of PTFE, it could capture a significant portion of the PTFE market. In terms of properties such as coefficient of friction and puncture resistance, PTFE is still much better than PEEK, but in terms of absolute strength, PEEK is unmatched among polymers. For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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