What Are the Applications of PPSU?

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PPSU has a scientific name as polyphenylene sulfone resins. It is a novel thermoplastic engineering plastic, which refers to a polymer compound containing a sulfone group and an aromatic nucleus in the main chain of the molecule, and it is non-crystalline. PPSU has the properties of high transparency and high hydrolytic stability and can withstand repeated steam sterilization.

Basic Features

Except for strong polar solvents, concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid, the properties of PPSU is stable when it was exposed to general acids, alkalis, salts, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, etc. It is partially soluble in ester ketone aromatics, and soluble in halocarbon DM. With good rigidity and toughness, temperature resistance, thermal oxidation resistance, excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance of inorganic acid, alkali, salt solution, ion radiation resistance, non-toxic, good insulation and self-extinguishing, it is easy to shape and process.

ppsu application

Application of PPSU

1. It is suitable for making heat-resistant parts, insulating parts, wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts, instrumental parts and medical equipment parts.

2. PPSU is used in household appliances such as microwave ovens, Coffee filter cup, humidifiers, beverage and food dispensers, cups, baby bottles, etc.

3. PPSU has passed the relevant specifications in the fields of medicine and food, and can replace stainless steel products. Due to the characteristics of resistance to steam, hydrolysis, non-toxicity, high-temperature steam sterilization, high transparency, and good dimensional stability, it can be used as surgical tool trays, fluid controllers, heart valves, pacemakers, gas masks, dental trays and so on. 

4. PPSU products are used in aircraft cabin interiors, which require low heat release, low smoke generation and low toxic gas emissions. They offer exceptional toughness and impact strength, superior resistance to cleaning agents and chemical disinfectants, and molded-in color to eliminate painting.

PPSU application

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