What do You Know About PPSU?

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PPSU (polyphenylene sulfone) is an amorphous thermoplastic engineering plastic with high transparency and high hydrolytic stability. Due to its excellent performance, PPSU is widely used in the manufacture of heat resistant parts, insulation parts, wear resistant parts, instrument parts and medical equipment parts. It can withstand repeated steam disinfection, high temperature resistance up to 196 degrees, and has excellent resistance and acid and alkali resistance, can withstand general potions and detergent cleaning, will not produce chemical changes.

Basic Property

  • Linear polymer with a slight amber color.
  • It is stable to general acids, bases, salts, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, etc., except for strong polar solvents, concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid.
  • Partially soluble in ester ketone, aromatics, soluble in halocarbons, DM.
  • Good rigidity and toughness, soluble in dichloromethane, dichloroethylene and aromatics.
  • The relative density is 1.24 and the water absorption (24 hours) is 0.6%.
  • The molding shrinkage is 0.9%.
  • Natural with high HDT/A (ISO 75) of 196℃, High RTI of 180℃, Withstands over 1000 cycles of steam sterilization @134℃ without any significant loss of properties.
  • It has excellent resistance to temperature, heat oxidation, creep resistance, corrosion resistance to inorganic acid, alkali and salt solution, and resistance to ionic radiation.
  • Non-toxic, good insulation and self-extinguishing, easy to shape processing.

The preparation method of PPSU is actually composed of the basic resin prepared by the reaction of p-polyphenylene sulfone (PPSO2) and peracetic acid.

Main Use

When using PPSU, its important uses include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Suitable for the production of heat-resistant parts, insulation parts, wear resistant parts, instrument parts and medical equipment parts, PPSU suitable for the production of low-temperature working parts.
  2. In the electronic and electrical industry, it is used to manufacture integrated circuit boards, coil tube frames, contactors, sleeve frames, capacitor films, high-performance alkaline battery shells.
  3. For household appliances, microwave oven equipment, coffee heaters, humidifiers, hair dryers, cloth dryers, beverage and food dispensers, diet tableware, water cups, milk bottles, etc. It can also replace non-ferrous metals for precision structural parts such as clocks, copiers, cameras, etc.
  4. Because PPSU has the characteristics of steam resistance, hydrolysis resistance, non-toxic, high temperature vapor disinfection, high transparency, good dimensional stability, etc., it can be used as surgical tool tray, sprayer, fluid controller, heart valve, pacemaker, gas mask, dental base, etc.

Consideration Factor

There are several factors to consider when choosing the PPSU:

  • Suitability: The first thing to consider is whether the required material is suitable for the specific application. PPSU excels in manufacturing heat-resistant parts, insulation parts, medical devices, etc., but may not be suitable for other specific uses.
  • Cost effective: Although PPSU has excellent performance, its price is relatively high. Therefore, the relationship between performance and cost needs to be balanced in the selection to ensure that the material selected can meet the demand and is economically reasonable.
  • Processing performance: Considering the forming shrinkage rate of PPSU, processing temperature and other factors, it is necessary to ensure that the selected material can meet the requirements of the processing process to ensure product quality and production efficiency.
  • Environmental adaptability: For products that need to be exposed to specific environmental conditions, such as high temperature, humidity or chemical media, it is necessary to ensure that the PPSU can adapt to these environments and maintain stable performance.
  • Compliance: When selecting PPSU, it is necessary to ensure that the selected materials comply with the relevant regulations and standards, especially in the field of application such as medical devices, it is necessary to ensure that the relevant certification and standard requirements of medical devices are met.

In summary, PPSU as an excellent engineering plastic, has excellent performance in heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance and other aspects, and is widely used in many fields. When selecting PPSU, it is necessary to comprehensively consider its applicability, cost-effectiveness, compliance and other factors to ensure that the selected material can meet the product demand and achieve the desired effect. If you are interested in buying PPSU rods, you can contact Shengwen Plastic, Our PPSU plastic quality is excellent, Our team can provide you with the best service and the greatest discount.

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