PPSU Baby Bottle vs. Glass Baby Bottle

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PPSU Baby Bottle vs. Glass Baby Bottle

As a new parent, in the face of a wide range of baby bottle materials on the market, do you also feel confused and tangled? Especially in recent years, the attention of PPSU bottles and traditional glass bottles, how to choose? Today, Shengwen professional PPSU material supplier will give you an in-depth analysis of the differences between the two and help you make informed decisions easily!

Traditional Glass Baby Bottle

Classic choice, but what are the problems?

As a classic choice, glass baby bottles have always been favored by many parents. It is non-toxic and harmless, heat and cold resistant, relatively safe. However, glass baby bottles also have some problems.

  1. The glass bottle is relatively heavy, and the baby may feel difficult when holding it, and it may even break because of falling, which brings safety risks to the baby.
  2. Glass bottles heat faster and can easily burn your baby's delicate skin.
  3. The glass material is brittle, easy to be cracked by impact, and the service life is relatively short.

PPSU Baby Bottle

What's so unique about emerging choices?

Compared with glass bottles, PPSU bottles have emerged as an emerging option in recent years. It uses a new type of plastic material, with light, fall resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics.

  1. PPSU bottles are lightweight and portable, and can be easily held by your baby to reduce the burden on your hands.
  2. It has strong impact resistance, is not easy to break, and reduces the safety risk during use.
  3. PPSU bottles have a slower heat transfer and are less likely to burn your baby, providing a more comfortable drinking experience. In addition, it also has a long service life, durable, more environmentally friendly.

Security Comparison

In terms of safety, glass bottles and PPSU bottles have their own advantages. Glass baby bottles are non-toxic and harmless, but fragile and heat transfer fast. PPSU bottles are shock-resistant. Moreover, PPSU has stable internal structure, strong heat resistance, and can be heated by microwave oven. In the selection, we should pay attention to the quality and safety certification of the product to ensure that the purchase of qualified and regular products.

Use Experience

PPSU bottles are lightweight and portable, suitable for carrying and holding by your baby. Glass baby bottles are heavier, but have better heat resistance. In terms of use experience, the appropriate bottle material can be selected according to individual needs and scenes.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

From the point of view of environmental protection and sustainability, PPSU bottles have great advantages. It can be recycled and not easily broken, reducing waste and waste generation. Although glass bottles can also be reused, they often need to be replaced frequently due to their fragility, which causes certain pressure on the environment.

PPSU baby bottles and glass baby bottles have their own advantages. When choosing, you can combine the baby's age, use scenario and personal preference to make decisions. If you care about portability, safety, and environmental protection, PPSU bottles may be right for you. If you value classic, non-toxic and harmless qualities, glass baby bottles are also a good choice. No matter what kind of material you choose, you must ensure product quality and safety certification to provide a safe and healthy eating environment for your baby.


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