• 1. Exceptional resistance to hydrolysis
  • 2. Superior impact resistance strength with 690J/m
  • 3. Very high long term working temperature
  • 4. High dimensional stability
  • 5. Suitable for over 1000 times of steam sterilization
  • 6. Inherently flame retardant

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Overview :

PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) rod is extruded by PPSU polymer. The PPSU rod provided by us is an amorphous thermoplastic that provides dimensional stability at high temperature and superior mechanical strength. Besides PPSU rods offer excellent dielectric characteristics and has a class UL94 V-0 flammability rating that means the polymer will be self-extinguish after removing from flame. And polyphenylsulfone rods also provide excellent resistance to hydrolysis and suitable for repetitive steam sterilization. PPSU rod is usually used in applications where components are required to operate at higher temperatures or harsh conditions.

Offering excellent resistance to shock, these PPSU rods are frequently fabricated into vehicle parts and machine components that are subject to vibration. They are easy to machine and thermoform, plus they maintain physical properties when heated, even through repeated autoclaving cycles. For the color, size and the performance of materials, we provide a one-stop customized service.

General Dimensions of PPSU Rod

6 1000 +2 0.07 
8 1000 +2 0.10 
10 1000 +2 0.15 
15 1000 +2 0.30 
20 1000 +2 0.50 
25 1000 +2 0.75 
30 1000 +2 1.05 
35 1000 +2 1.41 
40 1000 +2 1.82 
45 1000 +2 2.27 
50 1000 +2 2.78 
60 1000 +2 3.95 
70 1000 +2 5.33 
80 1000 +2 6.91 
90 1000 +2 8.70 
100 1000 +2 10.70 
150 1000 +2 23.76 
200 1000 +2 41.96 


Please contact us and ask for special dimensions.

Typical Application

Automobile Industry


Household Appliance


Whether to provide the sample and the delivery time of the sample ?

We can provide a sample of 3kg in stock within 5 working days.


Can you provide customized services?

Yes, all our raw materials can be customized, such as adding glass fiber, carbon fiber and other fillers, or making boards and rods of different sizes. Click for details to learn more>>


Can you provide the quality certificate of the products?

Of course. All of our products are proven to be perfectly compliant with FDA, REACH and RoHS safety regulatory, and so on. If you need, you can contact usto check the relevant documents.


Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are integral part of industry and trade. Both the agency of some products, but also a factory for product development and production.


About bulk order leading time?

It will take about 15~30 working days from order confirmation to production completion. Specific communication can be coordinated to the time acceptable to both side.



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