Introduction to the Huge Nylon Family

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Today, we will introduce members of the nylon family. As the output leader among the five general-purpose engineering plastics, the family is extremely large!

Nylon can be divided into ordinary nylon and special nylon. It is generally believed that ordinary nylon mainly refers to PA6 and PA66, which are the nylon products with the earliest development and the largest output; special nylon mainly refers to nylon with special functions such as long carbon chain nylon, high-temperature resistant nylon and transparent nylon. Can you tell the difference between PA56 and long carbon chain nylon PA11, PA12, PA610, PA612, PA1010, PA1012, PA1212? Today we will introduce some of them.

Special nylon - PA56

PA56, nylon 56, also known as polyamide 56, full name polymethylene adipate. Nylon 56 is a new type of bio-based polyamide polymerized by bio-based pentamethylenediamine and petroleum-based adipic acid amides.

PA56 has excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, wear resistance and self-lubricating properties, etc., and is easy to process, has low density and outstanding environmental protection advantages. The water absorption, glass transition temperature, strength, softness, moisture absorption performance and resilience are better than PA6, PA66 and polyester, which can improve the comfort of the terminal fabric.

Therefore, as a new generation of polyamide products, PA56 has good application prospects in textiles, synthetic fibers, automobiles, electronic appliances, mechanical instruments, construction, rail transit, sports equipment and on so.

Special nylon - long carbon chain nylon

1. PA11

PA11, nylon 11, also known as polyamide 11, full name polyundecanoyl, is produced from castor oil.

The prominent features of PA11, which is white and translucent, are low melting temperature and wide processing temperature, low water absorption, good low-temperature performance, lightweight, corrosion resistance, not easy to fatigue cracking, good sealing, and small resistance. It can be used with good flexibility at -40℃~120℃.

As a thermoplastic resin, it can be used in automobile fuel pipes, brake system hoses, optical fiber cable coating, packaging films, daily necessities, etc.

2. PA12

PA12, nylon 12, is also known as polyamide 12, full name polylaurolactam. As a crystalline thermoplastic material, PA12 has similar characteristics to PA11, but has a different crystal structure. But its density, melting point and water absorption are lower than PA11.

The outstanding features of PA12 are high decomposition temperature, low water absorption and excellent low-temperature resistance, mainly used for water meters cable sleeves, mechanical cams, sliding mechanisms, photovoltaic backplanes and bearings and other automotive oil pipes, instrument panels, accelerator pedals, brake hoses, noise-absorbing components of electronic appliances, and cable sheaths.

Industry analysts said that among nylon series products, long-chain nylon has better performance. Among long-chain nylon products, PA11 and PA12 are the main product types with similar performance. However, PA11 raw material ricinoleic acid is in short supply, its production is small and more expensive, so PA12 has more prospects for future development. In addition, we have 49% castor oil bio-based PA12, which has a stable supply and favorable price.

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