Introduction to the Application Fields of Nylon PA12

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Polyamide 12 has great chemical resistance, and it absorbs very little moisture. Combined with the enhanced design freedom inherent in 3D printing, PA12 can be used for consumer goods, medical, industrial, aerospace, and other high-performance applications.

Automobile industry

In the automotive industry, it's used all the time in fuel lines, brake lines, pipelines, and even the handles of certain power tools. Because of its safety and reliability, it is an excellent lightweight material for automobiles.

Aerospace industry

Polyamide 12 is also useful in the aerospace industry because it has great heat resistance. This is especially true for Polyamide 12 when it is combined with other additive and filler materials. Its chemical properties help make it resistant to abrasion, a useful characteristic when you are trying to design an aerospace part that won’t rip apart upon landing. 

Medical industry

Medical industry

PA 12 is also very useful in the medical industry for use in medical equipment because it is biocompatible and nontoxic. Biocompatibility refers to a plastic's ability to act and perform without impairing the basic immunological functions of the body. The use of biocompatible plastics in the medical field is aimed to enhance healing functions without causing injurious, negative physiological, allergic or toxic reactions.

Pipeline cables

PA12 has been used for many years in onshore and offshore flexible risers, gas pipes, liners, and steel pipe coatings to protect against seawater erosion and corrosion of oil fluids. Nylon 12 has a low embrittlement temperature and excellent weather resistance and is especially suitable for the manufacture of outdoor special-purpose communication cables that require all-weather (-50-70°C) use.

3D printing

Compared with other materials, PA12 powder has excellent characteristics such as high fluidity, low static electricity, low water absorption, moderate melting point, and high dimensional accuracy of products. The fatigue resistance and toughness can also meet the workpieces that require higher mechanical properties. Therefore, nylon 12 gradually become the ideal material for the 3D printing of engineering plastics.

Advanced coatings&adhesives

Coating metal with nylon 12 has the best wear resistance, so it is often used to produce advanced coatings and adhesives. PA12 can be used in the dish racks of new dishwashers to ensure that the metal dish racks will not be worn out in the environment of high-temperature detergents and have a longer service life. It can also be applied to outdoor furniture, such as park benches. After coating PA12 can effectively prevent metal corrosion.

glasses frame

Daily necessities

PA12 has excellent fatigue resistance and is spray-free, so it can be used for glasses frames.

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