What Are the Advantages of PA12 Compared to Other Glasses Frame Materials?

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Nowadays, more and more people wear prescription glasses because of myopia, presbyopia, etc. When choosing glasses, we not only look at the lenses. The frame is also very important. There are many kinds of frames on the market now, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the common plastic glasses frame materials!

Injection molding materials

The injection molding process is to melt plastic and inject it into a mold to cool it.

Advantages: high dimensional stability of the whole batch, fast processing speed, low overall cost

Disadvantages: Most of them have been painted on the surface, which is not wear-resistant and easy to fade, and the paint layer is easy to peel off.

This mainly contains the following materials.

 plastic glasses frame materials

1. PC material

It is the material that was once called "space sheet". If it is more than 10mm, it is bulletproof glass.

Advantages: low material price, flexibility, impact resistance, cracks without chipping.

Disadvantages: The surface painting is not environmentally friendly, and the paint layer is easy to peel off. Less comfortable and less durable. Frames cannot be adjusted for different face shapes.

2. TR material

This is the material that is used a lot today. It has excellent flexibility and is also known as "memory plastic".

Advantages: high material transparency, good flexibility, accommodate the needs of different sizes, and resistance to extrusion and trampling

Disadvantages: The surface painting treatment is not environmentally friendly, and the paint layer with poor painting technology will peel off quickly. Because the elasticity is good, the frame cannot be adjusted.

plastic glasses frame materials

Plate material

1. Cellulose acetate material

It is the most common plate material on the market. 

Advantages: high surface hardness, no surface treatment, noble texture, wear-resistant. It can be adjusted according to different face sizes. It is a mature material that is widely used in eyewear products of international brands.

Disadvantages: The material is hard and uncomfortable if the adjustment is not appropriate. Acidic materials cannot be used with PC lenses, which will cause the lenses to crack. It will return to level and need to be adjusted, and the feet need to be shaped by copper cores.

2. Nylon 12 

Nylon 12 has become the favorite in the field of eyeglass frames, because of its excellent performance. It shines in the market and has the following advantages.

Lightweight: reducing the burden on the bridge of the nose and ears, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Bright colors: brighter than ordinary plastic frames in colors. 

Impact resistance: very good elasticity to effectively prevent eye damage due to impact during exercise.

Yellowing resistance: The frame is not easy to deform and change color so the frame can be worn for a longer time.

Safety: No release of chemical residues, in line with European requirements for food-grade materials.

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