A Guide to Medical Grade Polymers

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Medical grade polymers are important materials used in healthcare system nowadays. They are specifically designated for various medical uses and have great compatibility with many medical devices. The continuous development of medical grade polymers upgrades medical products and makes them much more durable and safer. There are many types of medical grade polymers. And in this article, we will introduce some common medical grade polymers and their applications and benefits in the medical field.

medical grade polymers


According to market data, about 25% of medical plastic products are made from PVC for low cost, wide application, and easy processability. PVC is a popular medical grade polymer, and can be made into medical products like blood packs and vessels, catheters, dialysis equipment, mouthpieces and masks, oxygen delivery equipment, laboratory instruments, catheters, equipment packaging materials, etc.

As a medical grade polymer, polyvinyl chloride is mainly used for its thermal stability, which protects against the overheating phenomenon during processing and protects against thermal damage or processing with an autoclave.


Polysulfone has high-temperature resistance and can be sterilized by various methods. Polyethersulfone(PES) is a typical member of the sulfone family, a high-performance engineering resin that can be used continuously at a very high temperature while maintaining its stability. PES has high strength and chemical resistance, making it commonly used for vacuum-forming medical instruments, cold sterilizers, disinfectants, and bactericides containers for sterilization. PES is also applied to surgical tools and microporous membranes. Polyphenylene sulfide, also known as polyphenylene ether sulfone, can be repeatedly steam sterilized and is resistant to acid and alkali. Its typical application is sterile boxes, surgical tools, and fluid touch equipment.


The polysulfone series PPSU can withstand 1000 cycles of high-pressure steam sterilization at 134 ℃, which makes medical products well meet the medical high-temperature sterilization requirements. In addition, not only because of their good chemical resistance and excellent toughness, but also because of their light weight, transparency, colorability, and no paint pollution, polysulfone resins have been proven to be the best substitutes for metals and glass, among which typical medical applications are sterilization boxes and sterilization trays made of PPSU, as well as IVC animal experimental cages.


Polyetheretherketone, or PEEK, is also a high-performance engineering resin with a wide range of medical applications and can be used continuously at high temperatures of 260°C with stable performance when exposed to hot temperatures, water, or steam. PEEK also has high dimensional stability, high impact strength, and tensile strength. PEEK can be used for medical implant devices and the smallest surgical implantable tubes, such as implanted support tubes for cardiac arteries, and other applications like catheters, drug delivery devices, surgical tools, and endoscopes.

medical grade polymers

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