Innovative Flame Retardant Excellence: Introducing Tuntun Plastic's Piperazine Pyrophosphate Series

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As a pioneer in the field of flame retardant solutions, Tuntun Plastic proudly presents its cutting-edge product line, Piperazine Pyrophosphate. Designed specifically for PE, PP, TPE, TPU, and TPV applications, our Piperazine Pyrophosphate stands out as a high-performance nitrogen-phosphorus synergistic halogen-free flame retardant powder or granules.

Piperazine Pyrophosphate Overview

Piperazine Pyrophosphate, appearing as white or off-white crystalline powder, boasts exceptional characteristics, including high char-forming efficiency, excellent thermal stability, low smoke emission, non-toxicity, resistance to UV aging, and low hygroscopicity. It serves as a superior alternative to traditional APP combined with CFA triazine carbonization agent systems and is suitable for fiberglass-reinforced and mineral-filled (excluding calcium carbonate) systems, free from RoHS and REACH restrictions.

Key Features of Piperazine Pyrophosphate

  • High flame retardant efficiency with phosphorus content ≥ 19 and nitrogen content ≥ 21
  • Excellent thermal stability, with a TGA 10°C higher than conventional products
  • Non-migration and hydrolysis resistance, facilitating easy processing
  • UV aging resistance, preventing yellowing of flame-retardant products
  • Low smoke and non-toxic properties due to the phosphorus and nitrogen synergy

Tuntun Plastic's Piperazine Pyrophosphate Models

Our company offers a range of Piperazine Pyrophosphate models tailored to meet diverse application needs:


  • Appearance: White powder
  • Whiteness ≥ 95,
  • Phosphorus content ≥ 19,
  • Nitrogen content ≥ 21
  • Outstanding flame retardant effectiveness


  • Appearance: White granules
  • Effective component ≥ 75,
  • Suitable for injection molding and extrusion of PP, PE, etc.
  • Remarkable flame retardant properties


  • Appearance: White powder
  • Whiteness ≥ 92,
  • Phosphorus content ≥ 17,
  • Nitrogen content ≥ 19
  • Excellent flame retardant performance


  • Appearance: White granules
  • Effective component ≥ 70,
  • Suitable for injection molding and extrusion of PP, PE, etc.
  • Impressive flame retardant characteristics

Advantages of Tuntun Plastic's Piperazine Pyrophosphate

Our products excel in purity, ensuring the production of flawless end-products. The balanced ratio of phosphorus and nitrogen elements enhances flame resistance, with our TGA surpassing competitors by 10%. We offer a variety of formulations, including powder modifications and white masterbatch products with a PP and PE carrier.

Competitive Edge

Compared to competitors, our Piperazine Pyrophosphate holds several advantages:

  • Higher whiteness for flawless product outcomes
  • Optimal phosphorus and nitrogen element ratios for superior flame resistance
  • Simplified product offerings for stability and ease of use
  • Competitive pricing with material savings of 3%-5% without compromising flame retardant effectiveness

Application Areas

Our Piperazine Pyrophosphate finds extensive applications in:

Polypropylene (PP):

Elevate flame resistance effortlessly in PP applications. Our SW-2200 powder and SW-2200G granules offer impeccable fire safety, making them ideal for injection-molded components, packaging materials, and automotive parts.

Polyethylene (PE):

Enhance flame resistance in PE materials with SW-2200 and SW-2200G formulations. From films to molded products, our Piperazine Pyrophosphate ensures safety without compromising material performance.

TPU/PU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane/Polyurea):

Achieve the perfect balance between flame resistance and material integrity. SW-2201 and SW-2201G formulations cater to TPU/PU applications, including cable sheathing, footwear, and automotive components.

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE):

Experience impeccable flame retardancy without limiting TPE's versatility. SW-2201 and SW-2201G formulations are tailored for TPE applications, ensuring safety in automotive parts, medical devices, and consumer goods.

Elevating Safety with Piperazine Pyrophosphate

Tuntun Plastic's Piperazine Pyrophosphate series stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in flame retardant solutions. With unparalleled performance, competitive pricing, and a dedication to product purity, our Piperazine Pyrophosphate is the ideal choice for industries seeking reliable and effective flame retardant solutions. Choose Tuntun Plastic for a safer and more efficient future.


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