Progress of PSU Plastic in Filtration Technology of Water Treatment Systems

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With the increasing global demand for clean water resources, the development of water treatment technology has become one of the important research directions in the field of environmental technology. In this process, PSU plastic is becoming a key material for innovative filtration technology in water treatment systems due to its excellent chemical stability and high temperature resistance.

PSU Membranes

The Characteristics of PSU Plastics and Their Advantages in Water Treatment

PSU plastic is a high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent mechanical strength, chemical corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. These characteristics make PSU plastic an ideal filter material choice in water treatment systems, especially suitable for situations that require resistance to chemical disinfectants such as chlorine and ozone. In addition, the heat resistance of PSU plastic ensures the stability of physical properties under high temperature operating conditions, thereby extending the service life of the filtration system.

Progress in the Application of PSU Plastics in Water Treatment Filtration Technology

  • Microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane technology: PSU plastics are widely used in the manufacturing of microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, which can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and other particles from water. The high chemical resistance of PSU membrane makes it more stable during long-term operation, reducing replacement frequency and improving filtration efficiency.
  • Reverse osmosis system: In reverse osmosis (RO) systems, PSU plastic is used to manufacture pressure resistant containers and components that must withstand high pressure without deformation or rupture. The strength and durability of PSU materials exhibit excellent performance in such applications.
  • Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology: MBR technology combines membrane filtration and biological treatment to effectively treat wastewater. The advantage of PSU plastic in this application lies in its excellent chemical resistance, which can withstand continuous cleaning and disinfection processes.
  • Special filtration applications: PSU plastics can be used to manufacture specialized filtration media for specific water treatment needs, such as removing heavy metals or specific chemicals, providing high-precision and customized filtration solutions.

Membranes for Hemodialysis and Water Treatment

Performance Optimization of PSU Plastic Filtration Membrane

In the process of exploring and improving the filtration efficiency of water treatment systems, the optimization application of PSU plastics has become a key research direction, and there are currently two main optimization directions.

1.Improve filtration accuracy and flux

In order to improve the application efficiency of PSU plastic in water treatment filtration technology, researchers are committed to optimizing the microstructure of its filtration membrane. By controlling the porosity and pore size distribution of PSU membranes, high-precision filtration of impurities in water can be achieved. For example, using nanotechnology or phase separation technology to improve the pore structure of PSU membranes can not only enhance their ability to retain specific particle sizes, but also increase the flux of water molecules through the membrane, thereby improving the overall filtration efficiency. In addition, surface modification techniques such as grafting anti fouling substances can effectively reduce biological and chemical contamination on the membrane surface, and extend the service life of the filtration membrane.

2. Chemical corrosion resistance and improved physical stability

The chemical stability of PSU plastic makes it an ideal material for treating water sources containing strong oxidants and acid-base substances. The research development is inclined towards improving the corrosion resistance of PSU plastics in extreme chemical environments. By designing molecular structures and adding specific chemical stabilizers, their resistance to chemical corrosion can be further enhanced. At the same time, in response to the potential physical aging issues of PSU plastics during long-term use, cross-linking technology or enhancing the intermolecular forces of its molecular chains can be used to improve the physical stability of the material and ensure that it maintains good mechanical properties under high pressure and high temperature conditions.


The application of PSU plastics in water treatment system filtration technology is showing unprecedented progress, providing new solutions for solving global water resource shortages and water quality purification problems. Through continuous technological innovation and interdisciplinary research, it is expected to develop more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent PSU plastic water treatment solutions in the future, making greater contributions to global water resource management and environmental protection.


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